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The DoGreen Project aims to create a solution to sustainable dog waste management for urban dog parks

Our System
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Dogs and Dog Owners

Waste Collection

Anaerobic System

Methane to Electricity

Micro-Farm and Micro-Greens

Aerobic System

Dog Playground

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The DoGreen Project is a submission for the Biodesign Challenge 2020. It is created by a team of five students from Rhode Island School of Design in the industrial design department along along with two instructors. 

In the  United States alone,  dogs produce over 10 million tons of waste every year, much of which is disposed of incorrectly. This seldom considered a source of pollution can pose threats to both human and environmental health.With very few sustainable solutions available to this growing problem, our team created The DoGreen Project, a systematic, biology-based  solution to waste management in urban dog parks. Through anaerobic digestion, and the conversion of biogas to electricity, we can harness the power of microbes to create energy from waste; energy that is then used to grow food in the urban landscape.

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